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The results are in!

Below are some top-level takeaways from the community questionnaire, which received 1,345 responses last summer. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share ideas! 

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Most important aspects of O'Hara and Fox Chapel today

People appreciate living in a safe, high-functioning community with quality schools and amenities. The following percentages indicate the share of responses that ranked each aspect (from a long provided list) "very important."

85% safe, healthy community
69% well-run local government
66% schools/higher education
58% availability of quality medical facilities
54% parks, recreation, sports, things to do

This ranking was quite similar between O'Hara and Fox Chapel residents. One difference was that Fox Chapel residents ranked "living in/near wooded areas" higher than "parks, recreation ..."

Most important issues moving forward

The following issues garnered the most "very important" rankings among the large provided list.

76% community safety
58% stormwater management/flooding prevention
54% collaboration with the school district
50% establishing walkable and bikeable communities
49% evaluation of infrastructure needs

O'Hara responses prioritized collaboration between the two municipalities to achieve goals, while Fox Chapel responses prioritized walkable/bikeable communities.

Where should O'Hara and Fox Chapel focus parks and recreation efforts in the future?

Protecting open space and natural resources ranked as the most important focus for parks and recreation, followed by developing trails.


The open-ended questions yielded thousands of thoughts!

All comments are available for review in the detailed output. Here are a few highlights.

What do you like most about where you live?

Most common themes:​

  • Proximity to cultural locations and Downtown Pittsburgh

  • Overall feeling of safety and peace within the communities 

  • Friendly and neighborly residents

  • High-quality school district

  • Green space and nature, parks and trails

What three things would you like to see change in your community?

Most common themes:

  • Improved sidewalks and more walking and biking trails

  • Traffic calming, speed enforcement, safety upgrades and improved public transportation

  • Increased stormwater management and flood prevention

Most common themes:

  • Traffic calming

  • Increased connectivity, more walkable and bikeable trails and roads

  • Infrastructure improvements, such as stormwater management

  • Sustainability, green space preservation, climate planning

  • Maintain and expand recreation facilities

If you could have a meeting with your Council member, what would you ask them to do for our community?
Tell us about something you’ve noticed in another community that you think our community should try.

Most common themes:

  • Events: Block parties, flea markets, fairs, live music

  • Facilities: Pickleball courts, a public pool or splash pad

  • Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure


Who participated?


Of 1,345 total questionnaire responses, including both online and paper submissions, 650 were from O'Hara Township residents and 491 were from Fox Chapel Borough residents. An additional 37 responses were from people who both live and own a business in the communities, and 27 were from residents of neighboring communities.


About 60% of those who responded have lived in O'Hara or Fox Chapel for more than 15 years. Another 25% have lived here for between six and 15 years, and 15% are newer to the community, having moved here within the last five years.

Our youngest residents were least represented in the results, with less than 7% of all surveys completed by someone under the age of 35. 

See the results summary for additional details.

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